Scrooged (Bill Murray)

"Scrooged" featuring Bill Murray in his role as Frank Cross in the movie Scrooged. I plan on making special Holiday tributes each year, this being the first, which was made for the Christmas 2019 holiday.


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The 1st rendition of this work (pictured)  is part of a limited set of 20 handmade and sprayed 8×10 canvases. Each canvas is numbered (1 – 20) and versions 2 – 20 can be preordered if the pictured work has been sold. 


Each 8x10 canvas design is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, meaning no two N/A Shop canvases are completely alike. Prints of the pictured design may be available in the future, but once this product is bought, its gone ... forever!





PRE-ORDERS / BACK-ORDERS: Because each limited edition N/A Shop product is handmade, preorders MAY NOT look exactly like the pictured product. They also require more time to produce and customers should note that it will take 1 - 2 weeks to ship the item. If you are purchasing this as a gift that is time sensative, N/A Shop can provide you with a "fancy" pdf including your purchase details (with the price removed).